Low Pressure / Cooling Water Piping

  • Supply, Erection & Commissioning to AWWA / ASME B 31.3 Standards
  • Cooling / Raw Water Piping in Power Plant and District Cooling Networks
  • Extensive experience in U/G & AG piping with MS, CS, GI, DI, SS, HDPE & Composite Pipes

High Pressure Piping

  • Supply, Erection & Commissioning to ASME B 31.1 Standards
  • Stress Analysis, Radiography, Stress Relieving as per international specifications
  • Steam Piping with operating pressure of 117 kg/cm² & 545°C & thickness up to 40 mm

Cross Country Piping

  • Cross Country Piping projects covering a distance of 10 km or more have been executed
  • Cathodic Protection can be provided as per specifications
  • Mechanized equipment to speedup leading, laying and alignment of pipes


  • Supply, Erection & Commissioning of pipe supports and structurals as per specification
  • Structural Analysis for piping and tank support carried out as per requirement
  • Engineering, Fabrication & Erection of secondary supports for steam / high pressure lines

Mechanical / Electrical Equipment

  • Erection of pumps, motors, compressors, receivers and other equipments
  • Engineering of pump foundation, suction, discharge & header supports
  • Supply & Erection of monitoring and control systems as per specification


  • Supply, Erection & Commissioning of insulation as per BS 5422 / equivalent standard
  • Insulation of steam, condensate & district cooling piping systems
  • Generally used material includes LRB mattress, PUFF & Nitrile Foam

Fabrication Shop

  • In-house fabrication of miter bend and large diameter fittings
  • Engineering & Fabrication of tanks up to 60 cu.m capacity
  • Assembly of structurals to speed up pipe erection